About Donation and 1% of the personal income tax

Support with your 1% of your Personal Income tax the ELTE TTK Student Foundation!

For 29 years now, our non-profit foundation has been working to make our university more livable, help build community, and help high school students get into the best universities. The whole management and all our volunteers are dedicated to this cause, and work without any personal allowance, so we can minimalise our expenses.

Our tax number for 1% of the Personal Income tax: 19652595-2-43

The tax 1+1% offer can be declared until May 20, 2020 . You can find us on the web interface, based on either our tax number or the name of the foundation.
Further informations: https://nav.gov.hu/nav/szja1_1/1_1_szazalek

If you wish to donate, please use this bank account number: 10300002-20327888-70073285

Please indicate “donation” in the message.

A few specifics of what we spent last year (we would plan similar ones this year as well):

  • We have organized dozens of professional, community-building, fun and scientific events.
  • We supported various TTK and other ELTE professional, entertainment and scientific events with infrastructure (printing, sound technology, event accessories…) or financially.
  • We have prepared free downloadable graduation courses for high school students, we provide free or discounted participation in our online and 150-hour small group courses for those in need.
  • At the Lágymányosi Campus, we provide discounted printing and thesis binding opportunities for all students.

In case of any further questions or coordination regarding donations please contact us on titkar@alapitvany.elte.hu