About Us

The ELTE TTK Student Foundation was established by the ELTE TTK HÖK on November 20, 1990 and it was officially registered by the court on January 7, 1991. It is one of the oldest NGOs in the country, from 2000 its legal status is a non-profit organisation what operates for public interest. The purpose of the foundation is indicated in the memorandum of association: supporting professional and other community activities of students at ELTE Lágymányosi Campus.

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Phone and mobile

+36 1 372 2500 (extension 8002)

+36 30 768 2908


Customer service linkage: boltvezeto@alapitvany.elte.hu

Official matters: elnok@alapitvany.elte.hu


ELTE Lágymányosi Campus

1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/C, basement (-1), office no.: 00.734

Opening hours:

Due to the epidemiological restrictions, all the buildings of Eötvös Loránd University are closed, so our personal customer services are temporarily suspended.
Other informations: https://www.elte.hu/koronavirus

Monday. 08.00-16.00

Tuesday-Thursday: 08.00-14.00

Friday: 08.00-12.00

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